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Summer day camps

Summer is associated with free time, but research shows that children thrive in structured environments. Structured day camps combine the fun and adventure of summer, while mimicking the structure and growth mindset of the school year — promoting a child’s overall health and wellness.

At a day camp, children are more likely to:

Be active. The average child at KidSpirit walks three miles per day in the course of their activities.

Make social connections. Small and large group activities help children build relationships and develop interpersonal skills, while also reducing their daily screen time.

Get quality sleep. Getting up early and being active throughout the day leads to a more consistent sleep routine.

Eat healthy. At a day camp, children are more likely to maintain a regular meal schedule and eat nutritionally balanced meals.

Summer day camps beat boredom away and give young minds a place to explore their interests in a low-stress environment.


Brought to you by:

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Carla Towery is a Kindergarten teacher with Santiam Christian Schools.


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