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Storage solutions for the new year

Whether you are renting an apartment, remodeling, or building from scratch, everyone has a need for storage solutions. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little organization and a good design can change your everyday rhythms.

If your resolution is to streamline your home, these storage solutions could be the answer, as they maximize storage in efficient, organized and visually appealing ways.

Corner shelving: Is your kitchen tiny and lacking counter space? Discretely store your small appliances with easily accessible pull-out corner shelving.

Laundry hamper pullout: Keep your laundry tucked away, sorted, and easily accessible with a hamper pullout.

Drawers in drawers: Another way to customize the inside of your cabinets to create unique solutions is by adding drawers within a drawer.

Inset medicine cabinet: For a flush, modern look that saves space, use an inset medicine cabinet.


Rylee Henderer | DESIGNER

Rylee Henderer grew up around construction job sites, sweeping up endless sawdust in the shop. She formally joined her family’s business in 2017 and learned everything from demolition and framing, to tile and cabinetry installation. From there, Rylee grew into client management, and along the way found a love for design. She is now a full-time designer, creating beautiful, innovative spaces for Henderer Design + Build + Remodel. / 541-753-5660

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