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Space-age Dentistry

No needles, no drills and no pain

One of the most commonly asked questions in pediatric dentistry is, “Am I going to get a shot?” A trip to the dentist for a filling or other procedure conjures up all kinds of anxiety and emotional responses in children. Not any more: in the age of electric cars and space travel reality, lasers are revolutionizing the way dentistry is being delivered.

Our new Solea Laser uses light to both anesthetize and vaporize cavities, which can then be filled. With this technology, no numbing shots are needed, and the noise and vibration of a traditional handpiece is a thing of the past.

It makes appointments more pleasant and less time-consuming, and children can return to school after appointments without the parents having to worry they might bite their cheek or tongue. Laser dentistry also allows us to do more treatments in a single appointment, which means less visits overall.

Ask your pediatric dentist if your child is a good candidate for laser fillings and procedures. If you would like to know more, please contact my office or go to

Dr. Jay is a Certified Solea user. For more information, call Pediatric Dental Associates at (541) 928-1509.


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