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Should your child use an electric toothbrush?

Sometimes kids need extra motivation to brush their teeth. If a brush is cool enough to use, that may be just what your kiddo needs.

For most children over age 3, we recommend spin-type brushes with an automatic timer and bluetooth connection. The timer helps kids brush in the proper areas for the correct length of time, which improves gum health, stops plaque build up and helps freshen breath.

With bluetooth technology, you can connect the brush to your phone and monitor how well your child is brushing. Pressure sensors in the brush allow you to see what spots they might be missing and where they may be over-brushing. Brushing too hard can create sensitive spots.

Before you buy, note that interactive brushes can be expensive, so make sure your child is ready before you make this investment. Factor in that brush heads will need to be replaced every three months. Also, if your child has a sensory issue we would not recommend these brushes. We don’t want to scare our kids or make brushing a bigger chore on them or you.

The biggest issue we see are patients letting the brush do all the work instead of their own hand. An electric brush will not brush any better than a manual brush if the patient isn’t moving it around to all the necessary spots.

A parent should evaluate the electric toothbrush option for each child’s hygiene goals before they purchase. And please, ask us for advice. We’re here to help.


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