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Saying yes to more birthday parties!

Having a birthday party for your child at Kidspirit offers social learning opportunities, physical activity games and skills growth.

When planning a Kidspirit birthday party, we start by having you choose an activity type:

  • Gymnastics

  • Archery

  • Gym games

  • Custom parties such as art and crafts

On the day of the party, arrive 30 minutes before the start time and Kidspirit staff will put up any decorations you bring. We will also have balloons in the colors of your choice.

Once the children arrive, our staff will lead them to the activity for an hour of fun. After about an hour, we all head back to the birthday room to open presents and eat for about 30 minutes.

Our staff will set up, clean and run the entire party. Moms seem to like this part a lot, as it maximizes the fun for them, too.

Visit us at to learn more.


Brought to you by:

Karen Swanger is the Director of OSU KidSpirit Oregon 4-H

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