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Reimagining birthday parties

Forget Pinterest perfection

The thought of a birthday party drives many moms to Pinterest to find the perfect birthday theme with games, food and decorations to match. Parents can get so caught up in the party favors and the photo moments, they forget to stop and focus on the purpose of a birthday party.

Birthday parties are a way to bring friends and family together to celebrate. The pandemic has many of us appreciating the simple nature of being together. More than presents, flashy decorations and themed foods, kids need to socially and emotionally connect with others.

Reimagine a birthday celebration as an opportunity to invite neighbors to play games in your yard, classmates to meet up with your child at a park, family to come over for a meal. A birthday celebration is the perfect excuse for connecting with individuals in your community that you may not have built relationships with…yet.

As a parent, give yourself the gift of visiting with others instead of managing an event. The best birthday gift is human connection.


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