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Red Light, Purple Light Intervention

Preschool is often the first structured environment your child is exposed to, and you might be concerned about their readiness.

Red Light, Purple LightTM (RLPL) is a low-cost program at OSU in the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families that can be easily implemented at home or in the classroom. Developed by Dr. Megan McClelland and her colleagues at OSU, it facilitates and strengthens children’s memory and attention flexibility by encouraging adults to incorporate self-regulation into children’s lives using games and play.

Games in the program mimic traditional childhood games, such as red light, green light, while focusing on developing listening skills and following instructions. As sessions progress, skills are developed,

and children are encouraged to follow more complex instructions and tasks. The research concluded that when children participated in RLPL, they showed improved math and listening skills.

At KidSpirit, we used evidence-based research like RLPL Intervention in our staff training. It’s one of many benefits of being part of a university, and it reminds us that child’s play is more than just fun and games: it’s an opportunity to help kids develop important life skills that set them up for success.

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