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Puzzles with a twist

At Conundrum House, we’re all about fun and games, including puzzles. We offer a selection of jigsaw puzzles that will challenge your problem-solving skills and provide a delightful education in art, history, culture and more.

You can rent our puzzles to do at home, or spend the day with us at our location in downtown Corvallis. These are just a few of types of puzzles we have to offer:

Mysteries: Solve intricate art-related mysteries: first you read the mystery, then you piece the puzzle together to uncover clues. Try Clue Mystery Puzzle: Framed for Murder for a thrilling journey.

Nature: From vivid flora and fauna, to the ethereal swirls of Van Gogh’s

Starry Night, these puzzles are your passport to the beauty of the natural world.

Mind-bending: Dive into the mind-bending world of artist-designed puzzles, especially those featuring M.C. Escher’s works. Escher’s art, renowned for its mathematical inspiration and intricate tessellations, challenges your perception in remarkable ways.

Surrealism: Surrealism is an art movement that transports you to a world where dreams and reality collide. Explore the boundaries of reality with a puzzle such as Voltaire Apparition Circular Puzzle and many others.

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We specialize in innovative and immersive ways to play!


Brought to you by:

Adrienne Fritze

Founder & owner

In downtown Corvallis at 460 SW Madison Ave. Ste 12

Visit us online at | 541-224-8114


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