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Playtime for moms

Moms need me-time for our mental and emotional wellbeing, which allows us to better care for our families. A date night or girls’ night in immersive gaming is the ticket to a fun, stress-relieving time that refreshes our own creative spirits.

Immersive gaming deeply engages players in storylines, making them feel part of the game’s world. At Conundrum House, we offer immersion rooms, like the Dür laCoque Private Detective Agency as well as Live-Action Role-Play (LARP) mystery dinner parties. While immersion rooms put players in distinct settings, LARP invites participants to physically embody their character roles.

In the Dür laCoque room, players solve cold cases, either solo as Detective Dür laCoque or collaboratively as his crack investigations team. We have over 20 cases waiting to be solved. In our original LARP murder mystery, The End of Thyme, you play one of 12 suspects in the hit-and-run accident of the Great Sage Rosemary N. Thyme, determined to solve the crime of

her passing.

Many moms tell us they just don’t have the energy to plan activities like this, which is why we love doing what we do. We take care of all the details so participants get to simply enjoy the experience. Visit us at to learn more.


Brought to you by:

Adrienne Fritze

Founder & owner

In downtown Corvallis at 460 SW Madison Ave. Ste 12

Visit us online at | 541-224-8114


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