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Partnering with your child’s teachers

The teachers in your child’s life are committed to engaging, instructing and guiding them into new areas of growth and discovery. Learning how to work in partnership with them can be rewarding for both you

and your child.

In reaching out to teachers, choose a good time of day to engage; better yet, ask the instructor when would be a good time to check in. Trying to catch them at the beginning of a lesson or school day is not great for teachers as they are kid-focused.

Share important information about your child. If your child has allergies, gets anxious over things, has a meltdown over shoes in the morning, etc., these tidbits help them care more thoughtfully for your child. Deaths of pets, changes in medication, a family member traveling all have impacts on kids and should be shared so the teacher has a better understanding of their physical/emotional needs.

Remember that each instructor has a personality and gifts. They may be the perfect fit for your child; if so, take time to thank them. Conversely, they may not be the perfect fit, which presents an opportunity for your child to build interpersonal skills we all need as adults.

Visit your child’s learning environment. Seeing the instructor with your child may shed new light to your understanding and perception of the classroom environment.

Teachers are hardworking, committed people who, by profession or volunteer, aim to bring out the very best in kids. With parents as partners, they can help your child learn and grow exponentially.


Brought to you by:

AnnaMarie Gosser

Santiam Christian Elementary Principal 541-745-5524 x 243


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