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Oh the joy of dogs

So gross, yet so wonderful

The age-old question of why do dogs scoot has plagued many brilliant scholars. However, through years of dedicated study and passionate research, I have found the answer: it’s because they’re itchy.

Amazing revelation of intellect, I know. All joking aside, the possible reasons for why they are itchy include:

  • They have something stuck to their fur and need a little grooming.

  • Allergies — and that area just happens to be the skin that’s irritated.

  • Anal glands that are overly full or infected.

There’s an old saying that a dog scooting means they have worms, but that’s not likely. A dog or cat has to have a large amount of worms to make them itchy.

To get to the root cause, I recommend a check-up with your veterinarian to figure out why your dog may be doing this abnormal behavior. We’re here to help your pet…and potentially keep your floors cleaner.


In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital

& Ark Animal Hospital

Josiah Moses, DVM Eastgate Veterinary Clinic


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