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Nurturing children so they grow

What kids need to grow and achieve in school and life is similar to tending a garden. With the right care, children can bloom, just like plants. Consider these parallels:

Air: Kids should be exposed to new ideas and experiences, as it helps them discover their passions and purpose in life.

Water: Every child needs daily encouragement, in fact, some studies show for every one negative correction a child hears they need up to five positives to counterbalance. They need feedback and opportunities to practice, so they can improve and grow.

Light: It guides the way for growth just like having healthy boundaries, clear expectations and guidance. Helping your child understand how to engage in different settings and with a variety of people gives them skills to socially thrive.

Space: Think about the environment your child does best in. Do they prefer music or silence, people or privacy, new toys or familiar items? Plants thrive when matched with the correct environment, and so will your child. Environment at school can look like sensory input, friendship support and teacher connection.

Nutrients: Just like plants, kids need physical input to grow properly. Make sure your child has a clear bedtime — they need sleep. Watch what they eat as they need protein and healthy foods to power their bodies. They also need lots of love, so hug, snuggle and tell them you love them and are thankful they are in your life.

Your child also needs you to thoughtfully care for them through pruning negative behaviors, fertilizing their soul and setting them up to thrive with the gifts they have been given.


Brought to you by:

AnnaMarie Gosser

Santiam Christian Elementary Principal 541-745-5524 x 243


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