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Life after braces

The day you get your braces off is a right of passage for many. If you ask anyone who has worn traditional braces what they most look forward to after getting them removed, it’s usually the caramel corn, taffy and all the sticky foods they missed.

Before you celebrate with a trip to the candy aisle, be patient: teeth can be sensitive after having braces removed. Braces apply force, and once it’s gone, the feeling can be odd or sore. Ibuprofen taken as directed can help. Teens who want to use whitening products should hold off for a while, until all the sensitivity is gone. Gum puffiness is to be expected, and it may take up to several months to fully go away.

Teeth can shift after braces — actually, our teeth are always shifting throughout our lives. We fit our patients with new retainers after braces, and wearing them will likely be a life-long commitment. Retainers hold teeth in place so make sure your child is using that retainer as prescribed.

And I wouldn’t be an orthodontist and a dad if I didn’t remind you to protect those smiles with solid home hygiene and regular dental cleanings and checkups.


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