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Lets Talk Health Q & A

Have a question you forgot to discuss at the doctor’s office or are too embarrassed to ask? The experts at Samaritan Health Services are here to help. Aug / Sept

Q: I’m a busy mom and wondering what my options are for getting my family’s prescriptions filled?

A: Samaritan’s retail pharmacies are ready to fulfill all your prescription needs as well as some of the most common over-the-counter products. Our pharmacy teams are well staffed and passionate about patient care. They love taking time to answer your questions and helping you navigate through the medication fulfillment process.

We have many options available for getting your prescriptions. You can have non-refrigerated medications mailed to you free of charge, using the U.S. Postal Service. There is curbside service at one of the Corvallis locations and drive-up windows at the Lebanon and Albany location on Elm Street for those days you are running errands and don’t want to unload the kids one more time. A new Sweet Home location opening in the fall will also feature a drive-up window. And for immediate prescription needs, like when the whole house comes down with an illness, a free local courier service can bring medications to your home.

With the integration of Samaritan’s retail pharmacies into the Samaritan Health Services system, our pharmacists are able to contact your Samaritan providers quickly, which means you get answers and your prescriptions in a timely fashion.

Visit to find a Samaritan pharmacy close to you.

— Megan Jones, Director of Samaritan Outpatient Pharmacies

Q. I’m pregnant for the first time and have heard about group prenatal visits that Samaritan offers. Is this something I should consider for myself?

A. CenteringPregnancy group prenatal visits are quite popular, and your midwife or OB/GYN can help you decide if this is a good fit. These visits bring together a small group of about eight pregnant patients who are all due around the same time.

Each prenatal care visit is two hours long, giving you 10 times as much time with your care team. You’ll meet at the same time and see the same providers at each session.

At the beginning of each visit, you’ll have an individual assessment with your provider in a private area. Then you’ll explore the topics that matter most in a way that is fun and engaging with the group. Everyone benefits from real discussions and they learn together as questions are answered. We know that your privacy is important, so each person signs a confidentiality agreement, and no

one ever is pressured to disclose personal concerns.

CenteringPregnancy is a great way to meet others and have fun learning and talking about all the things that come up during pregnancy! For more information, visit

— Emily Zeno Yeast, Certified Nurse Midwife, Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology - Corvallis


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