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Kitchen chaos

Picture this: You work for months designing and planning your kitchen remodel. You sche-

dule your remodeler for the summer, with a goal of enjoying a beautiful, functional new kitchen in the fall, just in time for the holiday season. Demolition day rolls around, and you realize you didn’t think about your kitchen being out of commission. How do you feed

a family during a kitchen remodel?

Think outside the kitchen

Something we commonly do when preparing our clients for remodels is ask where we can place the current appliances while the work is underway. This is not only to protect your appliances, but also to potentially provide a secondary cooking/storage area for you during the project. We often plug in refrigerators and other appliances in garages or other secondary areas where families set up temporary kitchens.

The great outdoors

Be it a grill, smoker or beloved pizza oven, outdoor cooking can solve many issues you might run into in the midst of a kitchen remodel. We see clients use camp stoves and all sorts of outdoor recreation items as stand-ins for indoor counterparts. In the summer months, this might even be a welcome change for your family.

There’s more than one place to wash a dish

While there aren’t many options for setting up a dishwasher temporarily, we have seen many creative solutions for a kitchen sink replacement. If you’re fortunate to have a utility sink, these workhorses are great substitutes during a remodel. Another option is a less-used bathroom sink. We recommend having drying racks in a different area of your house, but a sink is a sink! We’ve even had a homeowner set up an entire dishwashing system in their bathtub.

Small bites

This is geared more towards a DIY approach, as most remodeling companies work with subcontractors and schedule the project in one fell swoop. If you are doing the project on your own, you can divide it into smaller chunks, such as replacing your countertops, tiling a new backsplash, refinishing cabinets and more, all at your own pace. It extends your timeline, but leaves your kitchen semi-functional throughout the process.

Kitchen remodels can bring short-term stress, but they are well worth it in the end. Kitchens are the workhorses of a home and a central gathering place for many families. Plus, they often increase the value of your home. Worth it!


Rylee Henderer | DESIGNER

Rylee Henderer grew up around construction job sites, sweeping up endless sawdust in the shop. She formally joined her family’s business in 2017 and learned everything from demolition and framing, to tile and cabinetry installation. From there, Rylee grew into client management, and along the way found a love for design. She is now a full-time designer, creating beautiful, innovative spaces for Henderer Design + Build + Remodel. / 541-753-5660

2350 NW Professional Dr. Corvallis


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