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Keep those spooky sugar bugs away

Halloween is around the corner, and lots of candy will hit us all soon. Help your kids stay on track for good oral health and keep those cavity-causing “sugar bugs” away.

First and foremost, keep the kids’ candy under your supervision, and distribute the pieces as you see fit. An unsupervised bag of candy can be grazed on all night and day, and leaving sugars on the teeth all night can quickly turn into cavities.

Give kids plenty of water. Filling up with water is not only good for the body, but it rinses away some of the sugars left in the mouth from sticky candy.

Of course, brushing is key. Have the whole family on a nightly brushing routine. You can even make a brushing calendar to hold each family member accountable. If three months are completed without missing, the family gets a reward, like a movie theater night, a special restaurant for dinner, or a frozen yogurt night. The more involved all family members are, the easier it is for everyone to stay on board.

Finally, don’t forget the fruits and veggies. This time of year there are so many goodies available, nutritious foods seem to get put on the back burner. The more healthy foods in the stomach, the less room there is for sweet treats.


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