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Keep the “sugar bugs” at bay this holiday season

The holiday season is here, and kids are dreaming of Santa, presents and treats. A few tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy and safe from those holiday treat “sugar bugs,” as we call them...

  • Set some limits. Try to pace the sweets consumption, and set up some easy-to-follow daily rules that still allow for enjoyment.

  • Carry water with you. Have the kids swish the water around in their mouths after treats. Avoid sticky and chewy candies, especially if your child has crowns or braces.

  • Remind them to brush every night before bed. Don’t let those “bugs” sit on their teeth all night.

  • Finally, check your child’s teeth every day. School breaks can sometimes lead to a little too much relaxing when it comes to brushing habits.

Happy holidays to all!


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