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Infusing play into motherhood

Motherhood — an adventure in itself — is accompanied by a flurry of responsibilities that can sometimes overshadow the lighter, more playful side of life. Yet, the essence of play holds incredible benefits for both children and adults alike.

Tabletop games, role-playing games (RPG) and whodunit mysteries are more than just leisure; they’re avenues of connection, learning and creativity. Consider these popular ways to play:

  • Family board game nights: Set aside a weekly evening for board games like Catan or CLUE. These sessions aren’t just fun but also a chance to bond and delve into meaningful conversations with your children.

  • RPG for all ages: Dungeons & Dragons isn’t just for teens and adults. Simplified versions or other role-playing games tailored for younger audiences can provide a platform for creativity, storytelling and problem-solving.

  • Mystery dinners: Spice up dinner with a mystery twist. Use a basic plot or a kit, assign roles and solve the mystery as a family.

  • Mom’s RPG nights: Remember, adult play is essential too. A monthly role-playing game night with friends is an excellent way to escape the daily grind. Or, have a mystery dinner event with the ladies. Everyone gets assigned a role, and as dinner progresses, clues are unveiled, and the group works together to solve the mystery.

For a variety of gaming options, visit us at Conundrum House and explore all the ways to play that add a delightful twist to the daily life of being a mom.


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