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Impact of COVID on Design

The pandemic affected almost every aspect of life, and design is no exception.

Homeowners have become more willing to invest in their homes, and design trends have been directly influenced by the combination of work and school from home, plus the need for sanitation. Some of the trends include:

Easy-to-clean surfaces

For obvious reasons, there has been an emphasis on easy-to-clean products and surfaces. People have opted for finishes on products that can be easily sanitized and hold up to ammonia and alcohol-based cleaners.

Additional storage

Additional storage has become more important to homeowners, as many people have stockpiled food and essential products to avoid additional trips to the store. Larger pantries and refrigerator space helps lower the amount of clutter.


Speaking of clutter, as more people stay at home for work and/or school, more emphasis has been put on functional home workspaces. Any table or counter space can be used as desk space, so addressing clutter makes working from home easier.


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Heather Van Eyk is a mother of two and principal designer at NW Design House & owner of Budget Blinds located next to Starbucks in North Albany.


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