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Hula hoops are for winter, too

A hula hoop might call to mind sunny outdoor days, but they are useful all yearlong in teaching. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as…

Showing personal space

A key learning area for young children in preschool through first grade is understanding other people’s personal space. Children who can recognize how to give personal space to others and understand their own need for personal play and work space do better socially. When we get too close to others it can cause them to feel encroached upon or uncomfortable. Laying a hula hoop around a child and talking about how to work or play in their circle visually helps them understand their space and others.

Focusing during clean-up time

Teaching a child how to clean up their room or playroom can feel overwhelming to kids and adults alike. Yet learning how to put items away and create a space of calm is an important life skill. Lay a hula hoop on the floor and ask your child to just put away the items in the hoop. This breaks the tasks into small steps and can support kids feeling accomplished in a task.

These techniques are helpful in our own adult lives, like when we need to wait in long lines or get motivated to clean our homes. And if you have the indoor space, why save playing with hula hoops for summer? They are a fun way to get exercise, in any season.


Brought to you by:

AnnaMarie Gosser

Santiam Christian Elementary Principal 541-745-5524 x 243


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