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Hosting for the holidays

My favorite thing about the holiday season is seeing my family and friends. If you’re having visitors staying with you this holiday season, here are some tips for making their stay extra cozy...

Invest in quality sheets for the guest bed. Look for sheets that have a high thread count and are made of cotton for breathability. Avoid materials like flannel as so many people tend to sleep hot.

Place a universal charger beside the bed for wireless devices.

Offer a pitcher and cup for guests to fill with water before retiring to their room.

Set fresh towels out so no one has to go digging for linens.

Subtly scent the room with fresh lavender, cinnamon sticks, or my favorite, eucalyptus.

Let guests know when coffee will be ready in the morning, or set the coffee pot on a timer if they rise before you.

Giving the gift of a five-star treatment when you have overnight guests in your home is a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation.


Heather Van Eyk is a mother of two and founder of

Kalluna Interior Designs, established in 2014.

New name and location! Northwest Design House is now Kalluna Interior Design, relocated to historic downtown Albany.

541-738-2806 /

127 Broadalbin St SW Albany


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