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Here Comes the Sun

Brighten up your home for spring

George Harrison’s song, “Here comes the sun” echoes our feelings on the arrival of spring. As we leave the cold depths of winter, the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, inspiring us to brighten up our homes.

Bright colors

Celebrate the spring weather with brighter accessories. Whether you want to add fresh throw pillows or go a step further and get new chairs for your dining room, there are many easy ways to add a little bit of color to an indoor space.

Add a floral touch

The outdoors aren’t the only place for in-bloom flowers. Fresh flowers are an easy decorative piece that can be added to any room.

Reduce clutter in your home

Some spring cleaning can do wonders for your indoor spaces. Accessories like woven baskets are a stylish way to add storage and reduce clutter.

Change your patio décor

Swap out a chair, throw pillow or a deck table to spruce up your patio without having to go through the trouble of renovating it.


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Heather Van Eyk is a mother of two and principal designer at NW Design House & owner of Budget Blinds located next to Starbucks in North Albany.


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