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Have we ever longed for a new year so deeply?

Many of us have mourned what we’ve lost in 2020, and no doubt we’ve talked about it — maybe even impassionedly railed about it.

As we look at the coming new year, maybe it’s time we change our perspective from what we’ve lost to what we can do — and what we hope is on the horizon.

In pre-COVID-19 times, we would dream with our kids about going to Disneyland or other big excursions. Nowadays we celebrate within our reach, like a simple trip to the park or seeing our friends from a safe distance. We look forward to, with excitement, when we can be with our pals at Sunday School or a sporting event.

We dream about small things, which makes them feel exciting and new again. And in doing so, we experience the gift of anticipation. It’s all in the perspective: how we look at things impacts how our kids look at things. In these times, rose-colored glasses are A-OK.


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Carla Towery is a Kindergarten teacher, Santiam Christian Schools


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