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Have a plan for pet emergencies

When your beloved pet has an emergency, your mind will race with what to do. Having a solid plan beforehand can help guide you in a crisis.

Always have your veterinarian’s number easily accessible. Also know the location and contact information for your nearest 24/7 veterinary emergency clinic as well.

If your pet has any medical conditions, allergies or takes daily medications, keep a list of these conditions. Use your smartphone to take a picture of any medicines, including any over-the-counter products as they could interact with other medications given during an emergency.

Use your veterinarian’s website portal or app to access your pet’s medical records in an emergency. For pets with multiple issues or even pets that are rarely sick, this access in an emergency can save valuable time and resources by keeping your veterinarian from investigating something that is not likely to be the problem.

Consider wellness blood testing annually for your pet. Pets can’t tell us when they don’t feel well, and baseline testing allows veterinarians to look at trends unique to your pet. For instance, if your pet typically runs on the low side for liver values, but suddenly is slightly high, it could be a problem.

No one wants to have a veterinary emergency, but they do happen — and having an action plan helps greatly in what can be a chaotic time.


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