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Go ahead and toot that horn

Have a musically inclined kid in braces? Your child can keep playing throughout orthodontic treatment, from flutes to French Horns and then some. Obviously, piano and drums are of no impact here; it’s instruments that require the player’s lips against a mouthpiece that bring up questions from kids and parents alike.

Our advice for getting used to an instrument while wearing bracket-style braces:

  • Take your time: break down practice sessions into smaller allotments.

  • Use wax to decrease the chance of irritation.

  • Adjust your breathing. Trumpet players tend to use the most mouth force, so learning to use breath over pressure will be key.

  • Ask your music teachers for help. Chances are great that they’ve seen it all.

  • At first, braces can increase the amount of saliva so keeping instruments clean is key, as is using fresh reeds for instruments like clarinets and saxophones. Wipe out condensation more frequently.

Clear aligners like Invisalign are a popular option for many musical patients. They can be removed while playing, but with the caveat to keep time: to work properly, aligners often need to be worn upwards of 22 hours per day. Many musicians play with their aligners in, gradually building up their comfort and adjusting accordingly.


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