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Genetic screening for your pets

As our pets live longer, we see more cancer diagnoses. The good news is that we’ve made incredible advances in early diagnosis through genetic screening. Catching cancer early is key to curing it or slowing its growth.

The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis looks for more than 130 genetic mutations that can increase your dog’s risk for cancer. It also shows certain drug sensitivities which can help us treat pets appropriately and not risk drug reactions with common medications.

The analysis also looks at your dog’s DNA to determine what breed(s) make up their genome. The analysis is performed by blood test at our office, and the cost is $165. We also now have screening tests for increased nucleosome concentrations commonly seen in cancer cases, and screening tools for some prostate and bladder cancers.

The Wisdom Panel for cats will give you breed information as well as screening for 45 common genetic mutations. This tool is good for younger pets to ensure we are keeping them healthy throughout their lifetimes.

Pets are so good at hiding when they are sick, these new tools can help us stay alert to their health needs. Advances in animal science benefit human medicine, too, as research in both areas impact one another. Here’s to healthier, longer lives for humans and our beloved pets.


In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital

& Eastgate Veterinary Clinic

Jilinda Lewis, DVM Ark Animal Hospital


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