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Feast your way to better eye health

Research shows that eye-friendly nutrients reduce the risk of certain eye diseases. A summer salad is the perfect way to nourish your precious sight.

On a plate of leafy greens, add tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, salmon and avocado for a bright and healthy meal. Or, go for in-season strawberries paired with walnuts for something lighter. The variations are boundless in providing essential nutrition.

Vitamin A in carrots, cantaloupe and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables support your retina and help prevent dry eyes. Vitamin E in nuts and sweet potatoes can protect cells of the eyes from damage caused by unstable molecules which break down healthy tissue.

Vitamin C from tomatoes, peaches or many other fruits and vegetables lower the risk of developing cataracts and, when taken in combination with other essential nutrients, can slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss.

Antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin in green leafy vegetables, avocados and egg yolks reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases and age-related cataracts.

Omega fatty acids maintain the integrity of the nervous system, fuel cells and boost the immune system. Sprinkle on chickpeas or pumpkin seeds to get zinc, which plays a vital role in bringing vitamin A from the liver to the retina in order to produce melanin, a protective pigment in the eyes.

You have numerous options for creating delicious, good-for-you salads — feast your eyes!

Source: American Optometric Association


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