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Establishing good study habits

Guiding your child in how to accomplish focused work helps set them up for future success. To lay a solid foundation:

Start early

When children are preschoolers, regularly work on quiet, hands-on projects with them. Seeing a project through to the end is a learned skill. Plus you can model how to react when something is frustrating: if the glue bottle is gunked up, we keep our calm and clean it so it works again.

Dedicate time for learning

Create good habits by setting aside time to complete homework. Make it a consistent schedule that works best for your family. This might mean after school, or after dinner in the evenings.

Create a study space

If your child needs quiet concentration, find an appropriate area that is distraction-free. Some children study better while listening to music, while others do best in silence. Noise canceling headphones are a good option for some, especially if there are other (noisy) siblings in the house.

Build independence

Personal experience is a valuable teacher. For older students, stay involved but allow them to make some of their own mistakes. A late assignment in the gradebook can be a good motivator for future timeliness.

Good study habits keep kids from feeling overwhelmed, while providing a framework for life-long learning.


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