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Does my child need sealants?

Sealants are a white or clear coating placed on molars to protect the chewing surface of the teeth. Parents often ask us why sealants might be recommended for their child.

Teeth naturally have grooves in them to help with chewing. Some people have grooves that are deep, which means food particles can lurk in places that toothbrush bristles can’t quite reach. Placing sealants on these teeth will seal those grooves, which helps prevent cavities.

Your dentist will evaluate if and when your child is ready for sealants, and they will check them at each six-month cleaning visit. This preventative procedure is covered by most insurances. Note that sealants are not placed on baby teeth, nor are they covered by insurance on baby teeth.

Make sure your child’s teeth have been evaluated by a dentist before sealants are applied, as we never want to put them over a cavity. The teeth we most commonly seal are the six-year and 12-year molars.

Don’t forget: the sealants will not protect in-between the teeth, so keep flossing!


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