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Dental disease can be under the surface

Many pet owners think their pet’s teeth look clean enough, but there’s usually more to the story.

A veterinarian provides a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, paying close attention to tartar buildup and gum irritation that is often overlooked by owners. If it’s needed, we’ll recommend a full dental cleaning, which goes a long way in preserving the health of your pet’s teeth for life.

Along with a thorough dental cleaning, we probe the teeth and take X-rays, which is where we sometimes find a different story under the surface. A fractured tooth root can be a source of pain with each chomp and the beginnings of infection. Extracting the offending fragments can stop the spread of disease of the neighboring teeth, not to mention other long-term effects on health and comfort.

Pets live and react to their world in the moment. If pain is present, it can come through as a lower desire to play, challenges with eating, or even aggression. After removing diseased teeth, pets are often more playful and affectionate. And a bonus: their breath smells fresher.


In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital

& Ark Animal Hospital

Josiah Moses, DVM Eastgate Veterinary Clinic


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