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Cracking the code of canine allergies

Is your furry friend plagued by relentless itchiness? From toe-licking marathons to smelly ears, dealing with pet allergies can be exhausting. The toll it takes on both you and your companion is undeniable — sleepless nights, constant grooming and dreaded infections. But there’s hope in the chaos.

In many cases, the culprit behind these allergic reactions boils down to one simple factor: protein. Pinpointing the exact protein triggering the response, however, is the real challenge. In Western Oregon, where environmental allergens often take center stage, fleas are most often the leading culprit. Dietary proteins can also play a role.

As a dedicated veterinarian, I understand the frustration all too well. Relief may seem daunting, but together, we can navigate the journey. Step one? Prescription flea prevention. Then, we embark on dietary detective work and then confront environmental triggers.

But here’s the catch: even though it’s often one culprit, seasonal timing and multiple factors can muddy the waters. It’s vital not to overlook the year-round flea dilemma, which can mimic seasonal allergies.

With help from your veterinarian, you can pave the way to a happier, itch-free existence for your furry companion.


In partnership with Willamette Veterinary Hospital

& Ark Animal Hospital

Josiah Moses, DVM Eastgate Veterinary Clinic 


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