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Caring for your neighbors

In days gone by, our neighborhoods were our support system. We knew each other like family. Before the pandemic, many of us would come and go so frequently that we didn’t even know our neighbors. During the pandemic we might be home more often, but now social distancing keeps us from getting to know one another.

Having a relationship with your neighbors allows you and your kids to have a bit of a safety net around you. The “village” around your home can be an extra set of eyes for you and yours, while you are the same for them.

Connections can still be made. Have your little one draw a picture for your neighbor—maybe of your house and theirs, side-by-side. Jot down a note with it, including your phone number, then leave it on their door. It’s these little steps that get things started. From there, call or text to check in with them. Before you go to the store, offer to pick up extra supplies for an elderly neighbor or busy mom. This gesture of kindness touches others and helps us all make it through difficult times.


Brought to you by:

Carla Towery 541-745-5524 x 243

Carla Towery is a Kindergarten teacher with Santiam Christian Schools.


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