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Bond with your teen: unravel fictional cold cases

In the era of digital distractions, finding common ground with teens can be a challenge. Playing immersive games is a fun and challenging way to be together.

At Conundrum House, in our Dür laCoque Private Detective Agency experience, we see moms and their teens working together to solve any one of the dozens of cold cases our detectives find themselves facing. It’s a blend of mystery, teamwork and critical thinking.

We suggest you choose a mystery game that aligns with your teen’s interests. Hunt-a-Killer, or Mysterious Package Company’s Post Mortem series are great choices, featuring intricate plots and realistic evidence. Together, you delve into a story and solve puzzles, bringing a criminal to justice!

Solving a cold case with immersive games like Hunt-a-Killer is more than just play; it’s an opportunity for teamwork, as you share theories, discuss clues and consider each other’s viewpoints. And it’s a fabulous way to improve communication and problem-solving skills.

At Conundrum House, we love watching families discover new ways to bond through immersive play and board gaming. Whatever interests your teenager, Conundrum House will have a game or immersive play experience for both of you. Mention this article, and we’ll give you and your teen a free Play-All-Day pass!

For a variety of gaming options, visit us at Conundrum House and explore all the ways to play that add a delightful twist to the daily life of being a mom.


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