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Bolder Cabinet Colors

For over a decade, white or gray kitchens have led the popularity contest in cabinet design. However, design trends are moving toward more colorful cabinets. Homeowners are becoming more comfortable using their cabinets, the largest item in the kitchen, to express their personal style.


If you’re as exhausted with gray as I am, then taupe is your new best friend. It warms up the room like the smell of cinnamon pine cones by the fire. Two of my favorites are Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and Waynesboro Taupe.


No one can do green on interiors as well as those of us living in the Pacific Northwest. Forest and tonal greens are most popular, but army green and emeralds have not been off limits either.


You could say we’re back to blue, but honestly did we ever leave it? Blue has always been an option for cabinets. While its popularity may change from year to year, it never fails to come back with fresh looks. One of my all time favorites is naval blue.

Metal tones

Certain tones of metal look amazing on cabinets, like black. If black is too bold for you, then try statement colors such as Sherwin William’s Urban Bronze or Graphite.


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