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Back to school with braces

Share these tips with your child to keep them smiling into the school year:

  1. Eat braces friendly foods. Look for foods that aren’t sticky, hard or chewy. Go for the mashed potatoes instead of the potato chips, and the applesauce instead of the apples.

  2. Brush your teeth before you go to school. Eating a pop tart on the way out the door is a surefire way to have food caked in your teeth all day which could ruin the perfect selfie. Want extra credit? Keep a toothbrush in your locker and brush after lunch, too.

  3. Keep a mirror in your locker to check if you have something stuck in your teeth. Or, use your front facing camera to help keep your smile looking great.

  4. Drink water. It not only helps hydrate, rinsing your mouth with water gets rid of those food bits stuck to your smile.


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