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Avoid expensive disposable cleaning wipes

Pretreated cleaning wipes cost three to four times more than the product sold in liquid or spray form.

After their single use, disposable cleaning wipes add to your garbage costs — or much worse if you’ve been flushing them. Even if labeled “flushable,” these synthetic cloth products do not degrade and can cause serious problems for your city’s waste water systems. Finally, the environmental costs of manufacturing all these wipes are significant given the air, water and greenhouse gas pollutants caused by the factories that produce them.

A simple solution: just cut up old towels and T-shirts to the perfect size for easy-to-use cloth wipes. Keep them in a handy location and spray, wipe and clean as needed. Toss in with other laundry loads, and repeat — over and over, with no waste.

For more information and ideas on greener cleaning, search “Lane County greener cleaners” online or call 541-682-4120 to request a paper copy.


Brought to you by:

Sarah Grimm

Sarah Grimm is the Waste Reduction Specialist for Lane County Public Works.

She is an avid gardener, flyfisher and lover of the great outdoors.


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