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All eyes on summer travel

If you’re gearing up to go someplace fun this summer, some advice for packing and playing:

Pack double. With eyewear, it doesn’t pay to pack light. If you wear glasses, bring two pairs on every trip. If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair — and your glasses as backup.

Anticipate dry eyes. Everyone’s eyes dry out on airplanes. Bring over-the-counter drops to lubricate your eyes, and take out your contacts if you are going to sleep for several hours while traveling.

Have backup. Put your contact lens case in your carry-on, and two bottles of contact lens solution so if one spills, you have a backup.

Get sunglasses. Ones that block UVA and UVB light, plus wrap around on the peripheral vision areas. If you normally wear prescription glasses, getting prescription sunglasses is so worth it, not just for traveling but for daily driving, outdoor activities, etc.

Get ready for water. Chlorine pools, water sports and sand can add up to eye discomfort. If you need vision correction and love the water, ask us about prescription goggles. Yes, prescription goggles are indeed a thing — and they can be a game changer for waterskiing, boating and other water-based activities.

And lastly, keep eye exams and prescriptions up-to-date for the whole family. Bon voyage!


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