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A break from perfection

Have you ever noticed that we love our children’s artwork, no matter how purple the sky or red the grass they’ve drawn? We don’t expect it to be perfect, yet we find joy in it anyway.

We find joy in our childrens’ imperfection, yet we often expect no less than perfection from ourselves or our partners. When we reflect on our lives, we tend to see what we don’t have. When we look in the mirror, we see our flaws instead of the blessings.

Take a step back. Can we accept those few extra pounds, or scuffed shoes, or not-so-new car — even with its occasional rattles — and allow ourselves to experience satisfaction with what we have and who we are? Peace within ourselves liberates us to be our own best.

Give yourself a break from the expectation of perfection and say, “I’m okay.” It’s called GRACE.


Brought to you by:

Carla Towery 541-745-5524 x 243

Carla Towery is a Kindergarten teacher with Santiam Christian Schools.


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