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A back-to-school essential: water

Water is life-sustaining and then some: staying properly hydrated helps our energy, digestion, concentration, immune system and more. It is also key to dental health, which some parents find surprising. Water helps wash away food particles that can cause tooth decay, prevents dry mouth and fluoridated water makes for strong teeth.

Getting young children to drink good old-fashioned water can be a challenge. Sometimes the right water bottle can make all the difference. Some tips to get into the habit:

  • Let your child choose a water bottle. Adding stickers of beloved cartoon characters can go a long way with young children.

  • Practice bringing a water bottle to school, parks, on walks, drives, etc. Pretty soon it becomes second nature to not leave home without one.

  • Invest in several, so you can have a dirty/clean rotation.

Making water more appealing to children can help prevent dental and other health issues from developing later. Starting these healthy habits at a young age sets a pattern that will continue into healthier adult life.


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