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2021 Design Trends

As we enter 2021, bringing the outside in continues to be a desired goal for many when it comes to interior spaces, as well as natural and sustainable products. Watch for these trends:

Light, warm colors

Warm colors will be on trend with more use of green and contemporary navy blue, as well as light woods of Scandinavian inspiration. These warm colors will be paired with a minimalist design.

As outdoor spaces continue to be a hub of activity, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are in demand. Outdoor furniture will be more durable and customizable to make those spaces truly liveable.


Every year, sustainability becomes more and more important. In the coming year, we will see more sustainable materials in all interior design products, with furniture that utilizes plant-based materials like wicker and jute.

For this coming year, think about how you can bring the outdoors in and indoors out, for a breath of fresh air in your spaces.


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Heather Van Eyk is a mother of two and principal designer at NW Design House & owner of Budget Blinds located next to Starbucks in North Albany.

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