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Winterize your eyes

Winter can do a number on your eyes, with cold and hot air teaming up to dry them out. Plus, UV protection is needed, even on overcast winter days. Keep your eyes healthy and protected with these tips:


When outdoors, cold winds evaporate the moisture in your eyes. And conversely, they can make your eyes tear up. The solution: a barrier of artificial tears before going out. Preservative-free brands are safe bets for contact lens wearers.


Indoor heat contributes to eye dryness and irritation. Again, artificial tears can help, as well as taking appropriate breaks from screen time. Additionally, sit farther away from heat sources and try a humidifier — desktop versions that use USB power are a win for all those Zoom meetings.


Wear sunglasses with UV protection, even on cloudy days. If you’re going up to the mountains to play in the snow, be especially aware that ultraviolet rays can enter your eyes from above and are reflected off the snow. If you’re participating in winter sports, wear goggles with built-in UV protection.

Source: American Optometric Association


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