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Spring cleaning your spaces after a long year

Spring cleaning can help us mentally and physically sweep away some of last year’s burden, while still integrating its lessons. The hygiene and sanitation protocols that have gotten us through the COVID-19 pandemic can also help minimize colds and flu.

If your children are still doing school online, tackle their workstations too (and have them help if they’re able!) Put up some of their artwork to make it feel special. If the kids are back to school or daycare, make it a routine to clean items that leave the house with them.

  • Make sure they have a clean mask daily (and a spare in their backpack)

  • Wipe down or launder lunch boxes/bags

  • Some schools do not allow hand sanitizer due to alcohol content, so be sure to check before sending it along

  • Wash water bottles daily

It’s almost been a year since you traded in your slacks for sweats, and a good time to take inventory of your space.

If you, like many others, are still working from home it’s time to reassess your workstation. While the commute might be ideal, and the dress code is business very casual, one thing you might miss working from home is the janitorial staff back at the office. It’s almost been a year since you traded in your slacks for sweats, and a good time to take inventory of your space.

  • Wipe down all surfaces with an appropriate cleaner, including your phone. (While you’re at it – do all the phones in the house!)

  • Pay special attention to your computer keyboard. It can get messy if your home desk is also your home lunchroom.

  • Consider a change in scenery. Re-orienting your desk or computer (even switching a lamp from one side to the other) can give your workspace a fresh look and feel.

  • When the weather’s nice, take your work outside. The fresh spring air is good for you, and we Oregonians need all the Vitamin D we can get after a long winter.

One of the odd “gifts” of social distancing and mask-wearing is that people suffered far fewer coughs and colds last year. As we cautiously begin to mingle and maybe even un-mask again, take a look through your medicine cabinet to make sure you’re prepared for spring sniffles.

  • Check expiration dates on all medications and dispose of properly

  • Replace over-the-counter medications that your family uses often if they’re out of date

  • Invest in a box of disposable masks for your family. Normalize mask-wearing if someone in your household starts feeling unwell.

While none of us wants to revisit a global pandemic, we can take the lessons from COVID to keep our homes and families a little safer from “regular” germs.


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