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Who is MOM?

We are women. We are moms. We are daughters.
We are writers, engineers, teachers, waitresses, clerks and firefighters.

We raise the kids. We pay the bills. We know our childrens' teacher's names. We choose doctors, buy shoes, drive cars, pick up groceries and change dirty diapers.

We are moms of the Mid-Valley.
We live, work and raise our children in the Mid-Valley. We know nothing more about parenting than the average Sally or Jane and believe me, we make our share of mistakes. But we love to laugh at shared experiences and hear stories from other local moms. What better place to do that than in MOM Magazine?

The MOM Blog is dedicated to Mid-Valley moms, creating a place to connect.
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Women are the primary consumer decision makers in 85% of households. From mini-vans and bank accounts to child care and health care, moms are your market. Mom is making decisions on what house to buy and what diapers her toddler will wear. She's already out there shopping around. Make life easy on her, advertise in MOM Magazine or the MOM Blog today.

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