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Congratulations winner

Congratulations Bad Santa photo winner Lisa Ellsworth-Johnson.

Hang Loose Santa winner 2013

She says, "The photo was taken last year, just before Christmas at Honolulu Hale (Honolulu's city hall). We moved to Oregon a week later. My older son was more interested in trying to perfect the shaka for the camera, but my little guy wanted nothing to do with the jolly old man!" Note Santa's board shorts. Priceless. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on winning the red Strider Balance Bike! Thank you to everyone who sent their photos. We've really enjoyed them.

strider bike

The Holiday issue of MOM Magazine is here

The Holidy issue is here. Click on the cover to view a the magazine online.

Win a Holiday Gift - A shiny red bike

Get Moving - Keep your kids active all winter

TRI Holiday Cover 2013

The October/November 2013 issue of MOM Magazine is out in the Tri-Cities! Read these stories and much more: - See more at: /local/tri-cities/2013/10/1/the-octnov-issue-of-mom-magazine-is-here#sthash.QMpB1amL.dpuf
The October/November 2013 issue of MOM Magazine is out in the Tri-Cities! Read these stories and much more: - See more at: /local/tri-cities/2013/10/1/the-octnov-issue-of-mom-magazine-is-here#sthash.QMpB1amL.dpuf

Message from Santa

Santa is working with the website Portable North Pole to make special video messages for all the girls and boys. Visit the site below, enter some quick info and Santa send you the coolest personalized video. And it's FREE! We loved it. Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought - and what reaction you got from your children. It's fun to find one more thing that keeps the magic alive for a bit.


Santa Video

A Holiday Breakfast ... A Treasured Family Memory

Cameo Heights Mansion Bed and Breakfast is a seven suite luxury resort overlooking the beautiful Walla Walla River and was named one of the top ten bed and breakfasts in the United States.  The owners, Alan and Deanne Fielding, welcome couples for anniversaries, honeymoons and a chance to just get away and have time together.  Being parents of seven grown children and 26 grandchildren who now live at all geographical regions through the US, they remember the importance of getting time away to renew their marriage.  Their home, once filled with great home cooking and warmth, provided the training for Deanne who now "mothers" guests from all over the world.  "Nothing makes guests feel more at home than delicious food and warm hospitality", says Deanne.048

When the children were at home, the holidays produced aromatic smells of spices, fresh bread and rolls, baked goods and fun.  "Getting children to eat what is good for them is one of the hardest jobs for moms!" laughs Deanne. "Contrary to what most pundits say--Food is love.  If you love your kids, you teach them to enjoy the food that is good for them and tastes good too!"  Deanne believes that the foods that make healthy bodies are best taught at home.  "During the holidays, take out a cinnamon stick, a whole nutmeg or fresh ginger root and show it to your children.  Show them how to grate it, let them smell the wonderful aroma and then let them stir and follow recipes.  When they see how an apple made into fresh homemade applesauce tastes with fresh grated cinnamon on it, it's better than any bakery donut."


Deanne knows that the way to help picky children learn to eat whole wheat bread is to have them help you make bread.  "Bread hot out of the oven with honey is hard for the most particular child to turn down."  Her own five daughters now share recipe ideas on their own blog 'Bred to Cook'.  "Introducing flavors to children early in natural ways develop their little palates to be more willing to try foods and appreciate nutrition to build healthy minds and bodies. Spices contain natural cleansing agents, immunity functions, digestive aids and help clear cold & flu congestion."

Cameo Heights Mansion features a five star onsite evening restaurant "The Vine" with a private chef, Penny Addison. "Penny was a natural fit for us," says Fielding, "she cooks with simple herbs and spices, fresh local seasonal items that come together in simple ways that have made us a top area restaurant."   Guest reviews on indicate the formula works.

Deanne is the breakfast chef for the Mansion.  "Each morning before breakfast we pamper our guests with hot fresh Danish and coffee delivered outside their door on a tray. "  One of the favorite guest breakfasts during the holidays is 'Almond Crusted Lemon Zested French Toast' with 'Apricot Persimmon Compote' and fresh house made 'Lemon Curd'.  "The Apricot Persimmon Compote hints of warm aromatic cloves that make the whole kitchen smell like the holidays."  She shares the recipe with readers.  "This would make a holiday breakfast a treasured family memory."


Don't forget to pin this amazing recipe to your Recipes board on Pinterest or share it on Facebook with friends!

Almond Crusted Lemon Zested French Toast

Beat 6 eggs and mix with ½ c. half and half, ¼ c. sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and the zest of one lemon. Reserve the lemon aside.  Beat together well and dip thick cut Texas Toast on both sides.  Sprinkle sliced almonds on a cookie sheet and put the dipped toast on the almonds, turn and the almonds will stick to the egg mixture.  Fry on a medium griddle until the almonds are toasted and browned on both sides.  Dust with powdered sugar, drizzle with lemon curd and top with warm Apricot Persimmon Compote.

Apricot Persimmon Compote

Chop ½ c. dried apricots into a saucepan.  Add one can of canned apricots, liquid and all.  Peel 2 ripe persimmons and cut into bite sized pieces.  Add to the apricots.  With a microplane grater, add the dust of 4 cloves and the juice from the reserved lemon.  Simmer on low until the apricots and persimmons are soft and fragrant.  Serve warm.

Lemon Curd

  • 3 lemons
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 2 T. cornstarch
  • 4 extra-large eggs
  • ½ c.  lemon juice (3 to 4 lemons)
  • ½ c. water
  • 1/8 teaspoon  salt

Zest lemons and add the sugar to the zest.  Squeeze the lemons to get the juice, add the water and add the eggs beating after each egg until frothy.  Add the sugar/zest mixture, cornstarch and salt.  Cook in a small saucepan on low heat until it thickens slightly.  Don't overcook!  Add the butter and stir in as it melts.  May be served cooled or warm.



COMMENT below with your favorite holiday recipe!  You'll be entered to win a one night stay at luxurious Cameo Heights Mansion (value $279, prize applies to week night stay only and expires March 31, 2013). Winner will be announced on December 24 (just in time for Christmas!)!  (No purchase necessary to win.)


Habits of Health Enter to Win


Our lives are a series of acronyms!  FB, ASAP, CYA, BTW ... LOL!

With texting, Facebook and other social media, acronyms are second-nature to us now.  Once you're used to a new one, it becomes the norm, and we sometimes use it when we're speaking, too.

In some cases, these developed from mnemonic devices we used to remember a phrase.  Take Shape for Life was explaining that they use acronyms as well in weeks 7 & 8 of their courses.  Why not?  We ultimately remember the definition and the premise rather than the actual terminology (which in this case is a little daunting!).

  • BMR Basal Metabolic Rate
  • PAL Physical Activity level
  • TEF Thermic Effect o Food
  • EAT Exercise Activity Thermogenesis
  • NEAT Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Ultimately, Take Shape 4 Life teaches their students the methods behind each of these acronyms to help them live a healthier life rather than cycling up and down based on the current diet trends.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner followed by Christmas and New Year's celebrations, learning the basics might be the right timing!

Check out this asparagus salad recipe from the site!


Want to Take Shape 4 Life for the holidays & the new year?  Comment below with your FAVORITE holiday recipe (healthy or not) ...

You'll be entered to win a Habits of Health book & workbook (value $45)!   (No purchase necessary to win.  Drawing to take place at Habits of Health class on Tuesday, January 8 at 7 pm.)

Christmas cookies

My kids are busy baking and decorating Christmas cookies together. This is the first time that they've done it and I'm so proud of them. They are 12 and 9 years. Together we'll make goody plates for friends and family. Tonight we'll deliver them and visit some wonderful people.

Plate of holiday cookies

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Click here for some great Holiday Cookie and Homemade Candy recipes.

Reindeer Nose treats

I was on the black hole of time called pinterist and found this amazing recipe for fun holiday pretzel treats. Adorable and delicious - with three simple ingredients. Kisses, round pretzels and m&m's. I'm so excited to try it with the kids.

Pretzel Kisses2

She calls them pretzel snacks. Her friends call them Reindeer Noses. Check out the step-by-step instructions and photos at the House on the Hilltop blog.

Pretzel Kisses

I love learning new ideas and recipes that are not only delicious, but fun to do with the kids. Just when you think you know everything, someone surprises you! Please share some of your favorite treats with us too. Add your items with a link in the comments section below and we'll be sure to share them with our readers.

Handmade Gift Bows

Get the look of expensive packages wrapped in no time and for little money. Top your gifts with beautiful handmade bows. Bows add polish to packages, wreaths and all kinds of holiday decorating. Just keep some of your favorite satin and wire-rimmed ribbon on-hand and you'll be a package pro in no time.

Red package bow

Pom-Pom Bow
These large and gorgeous bows add polish to packages, wreaths and decorations. Follow these five steps to craft beautiful, full bows.

green multi

Tiered Treasure
Use three widths of ribbon to make this tiered bow. Match the colors of your gift wrapping paper to the ribbons for a tailored finish. This easy-to-make bow adds a delicate touch to any gift. In two easy steps, you can make your own tiered bow.

green satin

Colorful Addition
A spin on a traditional bow, two colors ofribbon add a creative touch.


Bubbl green

Tailored Bow
A modern, chunky spin the classic bow, you can make this tailored bow in two easy steps.


For more amazing wrapping ideas, visit


Spa giveaway winner - Amanda Walley

Congratulations to Amanda Walley! Using the trusty random number, we pulled #2 as the lucky winner.

random org winner

Amanda has won an express pedicure at Nouveau Day Spa.

Holiday candy trains

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making Candy Trains. The kids love it - how could you not love bowls and bowls full of candy and frosting? You can keep it simple or get creative and make a how candy village. The directions were passed on by a friend, and I'm afraid I don't have any specific info on the origin other than "Home Arts Festival" to give proper credit - so if you know, let me know!



The instructions can be found here, complete with notes on frosting recipe and how to construct different elements: Candy Train Instructions

Let us know if you try this out!