Prioritizing education. How involved do you get or plan to get, and how do you incentivize their effort and success in this area?

Sara Gonzalez-Smith

As a high school English teacher and the daughter of a retired teacher, I know first-hand the importance of parental involvement in a child's education. There is a direct correlation between this involvement and student achievement. Although my children are young - my oldest just finished his first year of preschool - I know I will always work to be their advocate throughout their school years.

I believe in developing independent and thriving children who can fight their own battles, yet I also know how easy it can be for students - especially those who struggle and those who don't have parental support - to fall through the cracks. For now, if there is a pumpkin patch field trip I can go to, I am there. When it's time for a tutor in Algebra, I will be there too. I want my kids to work hard, be curious and reflective, and  understand the big picture of why an education is so important.


Melissa Brooks

I try to stay as involved as I can with my daughter's IEP (individualized education plan) at school meeting monthly with her school team. The very best way to give kids with autism incentive is to use their interests and strengths to teach them.

Without motivation, it can be like hitting a brick wall. Many are not socially motivated to please you, to do what their peers are doing, or to get good grades. They do have an interest in being successful as well as not making you frustrated with them, but their success - to them - is quite often not the same as what you want.

It frustrates them when you are frustrated, and this can cause behaviors. It also causes behaviors to try to get them to work on tasks that are meaningless to them, especially when you keep pushing it time and time again because they do not appear to be grasping it. It takes a lot of patience and creativity to work with kids with autism, but often times you find out, unexpectedly, that they know much more than you thought.

Finding a way for them to show you what they know can be a huge task, as many are not socially at a place where they want to fulfill your expectations and desires for them. Often times, it will not come until a way is incorporated that includes an interest of theirs or something highly motivating to them -using bribery…hmm…I mean rewards. With our kids, motivating rewards can be a mom's best friend because so little else often works! Working on that social reciprocity is important, but it can be slow to come.


Elouise Sparks

We have a daily "what you learned today" conversation with my grandson. We start from the time he gets into the classroom to the end. When he does REALLY well for the week, we take a celebration trip to McDonalds!


Nicole Wyles

It is tricky to think ahead about this, as the girls are just a little over one year old, but education is so important in our family.

Education will be a priority. My mother was a teacher, and she instilled the importance of doing homework and staying focused on school. Really, I didn't know there was any other option! That is the way I plan to present it to our girls. There is no other option but to be focused on school and education -that really ends up being the backbone of the direction of one's life.

As for incentives … I don't plan on having to 'bribe' my girls, but if necessary, I do think it's important to recognize/reward good efforts!


Meg Zanol

My kids are both so young that neither of them are in school yet, so I can't provide much advice or insight for this question.


Kate Green

Whenever either of my boys calls me to ask if they can hang out with friends, go to the mall or a movie, play a video game, etc., my first question is "Is your homework done?" My second is "Are your chores done?"  They have both learned that as long as they are doing well in school and making the right decisions, they are allowed to do a lot more, enjoy more freedom and choices.


Norma Velasquez

I thought I was very involved in my son's education until I found out that my oldest was not going to graduate from high school.

He came from Honduras and spent five years in high school, but he did not pass the state test. That meant he was still not able to graduate.  I wish I could have done more for him.

My other biological child was struggling to graduate from high school as well, but my husband and I pushed him hard enough that he ended up graduating.  He does not have any college plans.  Right now he is working in the fields, and I believe he is going to change his mind about college.  He tells me that he does not want to work as a laborer the rest of his life.


Emily Jaceks

Working together not only helps my daughter brainstorm and think things through, it also makes learning fun! Reward always works better than punishment. When school work is done first, privileges are earned, and sometimes toys and other prizes are given!


Brooke Lamberson

I have a vast spread of kids in school. I have a preschooler, grades two through four, as well as a freshman in high school.  With all of those grades, you bet I am involved.

I am a teacher so education is a priority in our house. I expect what I know they are capable of, and I believe that kids should be held to high standards. If parents don't hold their standards high and believe the best of and from their children, then neither will the child.

I get involved in many ways, but first, I make contact with teachers - yes, even in the upper grades. Each child is different, and some will need you to have contact with their teacher. Second, if you are in public school, get on PowerSchool. That will be your best friend. You can see what has been turned in, graded, and what is missing. You can even email teachers, but it is a very valuable tool that is far underused.

To incentivize, we allow so much video game time for homework as reward. We always do the reading program that allows for going to Silverwood, and we make a huge deal about how they earned their own ticket by reading.

I guess, now that I think about it, you could call my style old-fashioned. I hang up good grades on the fridge, show it off to daddy, and make a big deal about it. Occasionally, I will pick them up from school and take them for ice cream, or I might show up to have lunch with them. However, if you are looking for a specific reward system for doing your homework and getting good grades, I am not your girl. Your reward is that awesome grade you just got, the smiles, and the hugs. I guess I look at it this way - we all make choices, some great and some not so great. I try to help my kids make great choices in school. If they want to make choices that are not so great in school, then they are going to deal with the consequences of those choices. My job as their momma is not to give them a reward for every little thing that they do that is good just so they will keep doing it.  My job is to teach them to find the reward within the task. I want them to learn to be satisfied - not always wanting something for everything that they do.


Tiffany Flager

Education is very important to me.  While one of my children is a self-starter who loves doing homework, my other school-aged child requires more prodding to motivate them to get their homework done.  I am always checking in to make sure things get taken care of.  I don't allow time for them to do other things until their homework is finished.

In addition, I take parent-teacher conferences very seriously and am always asking the teachers how I can help my kids at home;  that is, how I can encourage strong study habits, time management, and make the homework process more pleasant for my kids so they want to learn and get their work done.

I generally try not to incentivize my kids to do their homework, but parent-teacher conferences are an exception. If the conferences go well and I receive positive feedback from their teachers, I'll treat my kids to something special that they want such as ice cream…something simple, but fun.

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