Cheerier Checkups

It never gets easier to prepare kids for the ever looming vaccinations they must endure. But there are several things you can do to help make checkups cheerier for your wee ones. If your child is gearing up for pre-Kindergarten shots, have a conversation with them about what to expect and the light at the end of the tunnel. Besides only stinging for a short while, many youngsters might look past the pain to know there are stickers, a sucker or even the added bonus of an ice cream trip post doctor visit.


If you have a newborn who doesn't understand why you're letting someone stick a needle in their legs, have your arsenal of soothing products reading such as their favorite toy, lovey and a bottle or breast milk ready to ease their pain. If you're toting older children to the pediatric checkup, have a conversation with them about what brother or sister might endure and how they can help distract the younger sibling from the pain.


Pediatricians may even suggest a little Children's Tylenol prior to the shots being administered to help alleviate the uncomfortable feeling the shots bring on. Many doctors and nurses, such as the ones at Columbia Basin Pediatrics, are great about allowing you to stay in the exam room after the shots are given so that you can calm baby or child down.

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