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Ta-da, July

This month's Ta-da! featuring Abdu is brought to you by The Little Gym of Corvallis. 

  The Little Gym's Alicia recently sat down and talked with Abdu's mom about his experience. Here's what she had to say:

Alicia: What's Abdu's favorite thing about The Little Gym?

Nada: I would have to say the bars, he loves playing on the bars.

Alicia: What's your favorite thing about The Little Gym program?

Nada: My favorite thing is the social interaction he gets with the kids. It's such a laid back and fun atmosphere for him because he doesn't have any cousins his age so it's a really good place for him. It allows him to be around kids his age in a fun environment. 

Alicia: You've been in the program since April and he's graduated from birds to beasts. How do you feel he's grown developmentally and physically?

Nada: He's grown a lot in that he is exploring at the gym and even exploring at home. He'll just run off and explore. Physically he's changed tremendously; his motor skills have developed greatly from coming here.