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Spring break in the Mid-Valley

If you follow MOM Magazine on Facebook, you might have seen snipets of our Spring break staycation. Here is the weekly wrap-up with an educational spin on our activities. What did you do over break?

Monday's class: English
We took a trip to the library and the kids got their very own library cards. Our library truly is the best - the librarian lowered her desk so it was at the kids' height and she could talk to them one-on-one and give them the forms to fill out for the cards. Mia filled out the form all by herself. They both feel incredibly responsible now. We also went to the car wash, which is always exciting, then spent a lot of time reading the new books they checked out.

Tuesday's class: Physical Education
Tuesday was Grandma's birthday, so we went to Market of Choice and got her a breakfast birthday treat (some yummy gluten-free muffins) and then I took the kids to Wacky Indoor Bounce. The bounce house is perfect for getting all your wiggles out on a rainy day, especially for Alex who has more energy than I know what to do with. Tuesday evening we met the family out at American Dream for pizza, followed by gelato at Francesco's.

Wednesday's class: Science
Wednesday we headed down to Eugene to the Science Factory, which was great. There is tons of stuff to touch and turn and throw and push and pull, and an educational experience at that.

Thursday's class: Art
Thursday we did some art projects. First, the kids painted big birthday banners for their dad's birthday:
Then I took the kids to the craft store, let them pick out a few colors of embroidery thread and taught them how to make friendship bracelets (I remember saving my quarters for embroidery floss and spending lots of hours making these as a kid). It's a little advanced for Alex - I ended up making his, but Mia caught on right away. She calls it "looming."

Friday's class: free play
We went to get donuts at Nutcakes in Philomath in the morning, then Alex had a playdate with a friend and Mia had an art lesson with her Grandma.
Even though we didn't go on a big trip, we still managed to have a really good time hanging out in rainy Oregon.



Free football clinic for kids at OSU

Saturday, March 12, 10am to 12 noon
At the Truax Indoor Facility at Oregon State University

All 3rd - 8th grade boys and girls come and join the OSU Football players and coaches for a fun afternoon of football skills and drills
All participants should report to the Truax Indoor Facility to register Bring warm indoor / outdoor clothes, and football or gym type shoes.
This Activity is free. But the Boys & Girls Club requests a $5 donation to help support athletic scholarships.

Free Camp Preview Party at The Little Gym of Corvallis!

You and your 3 - 9 year old(s) are invited to come "try out" our unique camp themes for FREE on Sunday, March 6 from 2:00-4:30. We will do a game, movement challenge, warm up or obstacle course related to each of the 10 summer themes.


Themes such as:
Hip Hip Hooray: June 21 - 23
Wild West: June 28 - 30
Jolly Roger's Hidden Treasure: July 5 - 7
Whales, Sharks & Mermaids: July 12 - 14
Fantasy Castle: July 19 - 21
To Infinity......and Beyond!: July 26 - 28
Coastal Cowabungas!: August 2 - 4
Sports Spectacular: August 9 - 11
Guppies to Puppies: August 16 - 18
Ninja's Hideout: August 23 - 25

Special promotions for camp enrollment during this 2 1/2 hour event.
Members and non-Members welcome.
Come get a "taste" of the valley's best kids camping experience!

Homemade Play Doh

It's a rainy, homemade play doh kind of day.

Homemade Play Doh:

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 tsp. cream of tartar

2 tbls. oil

2 cups of water

food coloring of choice

Combine ingredients in a saucepan and mix over medium heat. Stir constantly - it takes a bit - until the dough leaves the side of the pan. Let it cool completely and then knead it out to get rid of the bubbles. Store it in plastic bags. Use cookie cutters and rolling pins and have fun!

Disney Live Winners announced

Congratulations to the following people - you each won a family 4 pack of tickets to Disney Live!


From the blog giveaway:

Becky Thompson



From the Facebook giveaway:

Charissa Burnside

Rainy day hike

Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest can get you down for sure. We spent all day yesterday with the kids cooped up in the house, trying to figure out what to do. They were bored and let their energy out by fighting with each other. This made us realize once again that our kids really need a good amount of daily exercise, and we decided that no matter what the weather, we were going to go on a hike today.

It was pouring when we woke up, but we were determined to go on our hike. We prepared with rain jackets and hiking shoes and hit the trails. The rain was really warm and refreshing, and the kids loved having permission to get soaked and muddy. It felt so nice to get some fresh air and exercise, and the pace that the kids kept reminded us again how much it was needed.

We hiked one of our favorite trails in Corvallis - the Homestead Trail loop from the Oak Creek parking lot of the McDonald Forest. It's about 1.5 miles of relatively flat terrain (I truly believe my kids end up doing an extra mile with all the zig-zagging and back tracking they do, though), and ends with a bridge perfect for throwing Pooh sticks.

Here they are, soaking wet and having a blast:

rainy day hike

If the winter weather has you and your kids down, make the extra effort to get out and get some exercise. What is your family's favorite way to get exercise in the winter?


What's for dinner?

Sick of hearing the groans when dinner was served, I recently told the kids that they were responsible for making dinner the following night. I told them that I'd take them to the grocery store and they can pick out what they want (meeting certain nutritional requirements) and prepare it themselves. They completely loved the idea, and decided on pizza and fruit cocktail, with caramel apples for dessert. They had a lot of fun and were quite proud. When dinner was finally served, we had a little talk about how hard they worked, and how bad they would feel if I groaned and complained. Alex replied, "Anytime you guys are tired, we can just make dinner!" I think I might just take him up on that offer!

A Trip to Doggy and Kitty Heaven

Losing a pet is never easy.  About 6 months ago we lost our beloved Golden Retriever name "Ginger" short for GingerBread which was the lovely color of her coat.  She was 14 years old so we felt really lucky to have had her for as long as we did. 

I reminded the kids quite a bit that she was really old and that one day she would go on to live in Doggy Heaven.  The kids loved on her and played with her quite a bit.  It was still a very sad day when she left this world...I cried, the kids cried, even my husband cried.

She is buried here on our farm under a small tree with a favorite ball that she loved.  I still miss her and the funny things that she used to do.  If you think a 5 year old has energy you should have seen me throw a tennis ball for Ginger.  My arm would fall off before she would ever give in.  We took a trip to the coast and played with her in the the time we got home she was so sore we had to carry her into the house and help her get down the stairs to the bathroom for about 3 days....  :)

ginger our dog

My funniest and most memorable story though was when my oldest child Tanner was about 7 months old.  He was laying on his back on a blanket in the middle of the room.  Ginger was not allowed on the carpet but she was so intruiged by him that she slowly army crawled across the floor.  Stoping every so often to see if any of us people we watching her.  Of course we were but we were kind of interested in what she was pretended we didn't see her.  After a few minutes she made her way to Tanner and licked the side of his face.  Well, Tanner was still nursing at the time and the lick set off his rooting reflex.  He whipped his head around and started sucking on the end of Ginger's nose!  She didn't know what to do but knew better than to hurt the baby.  She just sat there until I could stop laughing long enough to get Tanner to release his little sucker hold.  They were best buddies after that.  Actually, she was more like a momma to him since she never had puppies of her own. 

This weekend we lost our kitty.  He had been gone for a few days but that wasn't  odd since we live on a farm.  When he came home he looked a little under the weather but was purring and eating and drinking.  So, he slept on our bed and snuggled in with us.  Saturday night we got home late after the Beaver game and found a severly depleted kitty.  I rushed him to the vet and hoped for the best.  My girls Mckenna & Mimi begged to go with me. So, there we sat waiting to see if our kitty would get better.  After many tests we found that he had severe liver problems and would need several days of round the clock care and even then it didn't look good.  I called my husband and gave him our sad news...we decided together that the best thing to do was to have the vet help us get him to Kitty Heaven. 

our kitty

We said goodbye to our poor sick boy and when it was over brought him home to lay him to rest with our sweet Ginger. 

We were just getting over the loss of one and now all of the sudden we lost another.  We all cried and remembered funny stories about him and things he had done.  My favorite one is how he got his name.  We had picked him up from the animal shelter after he had gotten fixed and he slept on my chest for 2 days.  That night about 3 a.m. he decided to "Wake up" and run circles around the house, clawing the furniture and banging into the stove.  I rolled over and said to my husband "Oh my gosh, that cat is driving me crazy.  He is going to be up ALL night!"  He said "That's it!  We'll call him Viagra!"  The name stuck and the rest is history. 

My middle child McKenna who is almost 9 has the most tender heart and is still working through this.  She doesn't want to lay in my bed because that's where he layed.  She doesn't want to open the cupboard where his food was.  I could barely get her in the car because that is where he was when we took him to the vet. 

Losing a pet is never easy. Sometimes you know it's coming and sometimes you don't.  Adults can work through emotions and rationalize better than kids can.  I think the best thing is to let kids cry and tell them that it is ok to cry.  Don't let them bottle all of those emotions up.  We found that talking about the pet made things easier because the stories were funny and happy.  Most importantly we didn't let our kids feel guilty about our pet dying.  It wasn't their fault and there was nothing they could have done to prevent it. 

There are many websites that have info about what to do when a pet dies.  I have included a link to the Humane Society page.  It talks not only about kids but seniors and other pets.

We know that Ginger and Viagra are in Doggy and Kitty Heaven now.  They are playing with balls and sniffing catnip.  They are having the time of their lives. It is us that are left behind that it is hard for.

Feel free to leave tips or other things you have done if you have lost a pet.  Sometimes talking about it is the best medicine. 


Move it & lose it!

Healthy MOM is brought to you by Samaritan Health Services.



It's A Treasure Hunt!!!

albany fire department   

Hey Everybody!  

The Albany Fire Department is hosting its ANNUAL TREASURE HUNT on Saturday Oct 2nd from 10am til 2pm.

This is a great event.  I have taken my kids for the past 2 or 3 years.  4 stations in Albany host this event and there are different activities at each station.  So drop by the one that is closest to your house...OR...go to all four stations and get your activity stamped...when you finish the 4th station you can enter into a drawing for DINNER AT THE FIRE STATION!  What kid wouldn't LOVE that???

Station 11  is located at 110 SE 6th St (downtown)

* Fire Engine Rides

* Spray Water at Targets

* Popcorn

Station 13  is located at 1980 Three Lakes Road SE (Near Home Depot)

*  Ladder Truck Demo

*  Water Rescue Demo with life jacket info

*  Diver Demonstration

*  Cookies & Juice

Station 12 is located at 120 34th Ave SE (Near YMCA)

*  Picture with Fire fighter Clothes on Antique Engine

*  Jaws of Life Demo @ 10:30, 11:45 & 1pm

*  Hot Dogs

Station 14 is located at 2850 Gibson Hill Rd NW (in North Albany)

*  Life Flight Helicopter landing at 10:00am

*  Junior Fire Fighter Challenge

*  911 Demonstration

*  Candy

My kids and I look forward to this event every come on out and share this experience that your kids will never forget!