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Happy Valentines Day

Fun Games with Candy Hearts

valentine candy

  • Candy Hearts Bingo: Simple enough - instead of playing with chips or dots, play bing with candy hearts. Everyone gets to keep their candy while the bingo winners get an extra pack to take home!
  • Candy Hearts in a Jar: Fill a mason jar with candy hearts (count em') and guess how many are in the jar. Write the guesses on a scrap of paper with their name and then announce the winner!
  • Candy Hearts Match Up: Split up your candy heart supply, whether by phrase or color, and orchestrate matching games for the kids to play, i.e. play music while students walk around and circle together with others who have like colors or words on their hearts.
  • Candy Hearts Pick Up: Give each player a pair of chopsticks, a small cup or bowl, and a plate of candy hearts. Set a timer for two minutes while players try and place as many candy hearts as they can in their cup or bowl with the chopsticks. At then end, count the total number of candy hearts they were able to place in their cup with the chopsticks, and the kid with the most wins a fun prize!

For these and other fun ideas, visit Room Mom Spot

Holiday Moves

VAL_Dec13Jan14_get moving

Cavalia horse excitement

We are so excited to see Cavalia in Portland tonight. They have extended the show through December and created a family package, making it more affordable. Don't miss this opportunity. Check out the website for amazing video footage of the horses. And click below to learn more about the show and the family value package tickets.

cavalia family

Hot air balloon Night Glow

Every year the NW Art & Air Festival sneaks up on me. I'll be driving and suddenly the sky is swarming with beautiful hot air balloons. And inevitably, I've missed the night show. Not this year!


Tonight is the Night Glow and Laser Show. Check out schedules and details here.
And my new obsession?

Apple pie fries

Sweet Apple Pie Fries! I haven't even tried them yet, but this picture has me salivating. They are at the Air show, and I'm all over it! Have you tried them?

Did I hear mention of Joan Jett on Saturday night? What a great event. Don't miss it!


Get your game on

Time for the 2011 Hoop Jam 3-on-3 basketball competition. It's a blast, so be sure to register your team before July 29.

Hoop Jam


hr Block logo1-2-3 Reminder from H&R Block:

1 - Visit the Hoop Jam website now for more info
2 - Register before July 29
3 - Have a blast at the event, located at the North Albany Village, near H&R Block. Stop by for a visit.

hoop jam subhead
3-on-3 Basketball Tournament benefiting The Boys & Girls Club of Albany
North Albany Village shopping center.

August 6th-7th
10 am to 6 pm each day

This tournament will draw thousands of people, providing a birds-eye view of basketball at its finest. In addition to Hoop-Jam, there will be a wide variety of fun-filled entertainment for the entire family. Multiple restaurants, vendors and activities will be on hand. Come help us support this community event that reaches out to help so many children. We look forward to seeing you there!

Summer camp


My kids are having a blast at summer camp! They are at Horse Camp and it's amazing how much confidence they get from sharing the summer with a four-legged friend. They will remember the bond with their horse forever, as well as all the friends their own age. I'm so proud of what they're accomplishing.


camp horse

It's not too late to sign up for two amazing Oregon Horse Camps:

CattleDrive Kid

Burnt River Ranch Camp
Space open August 8-13



Riverbottom Stables
Space open in July and August.
Call for details.

Spring break in the Mid-Valley

If you follow MOM Magazine on Facebook, you might have seen snipets of our Spring break staycation. Here is the weekly wrap-up with an educational spin on our activities. What did you do over break?

Monday's class: English
We took a trip to the library and the kids got their very own library cards. Our library truly is the best - the librarian lowered her desk so it was at the kids' height and she could talk to them one-on-one and give them the forms to fill out for the cards. Mia filled out the form all by herself. They both feel incredibly responsible now. We also went to the car wash, which is always exciting, then spent a lot of time reading the new books they checked out.

Tuesday's class: Physical Education
Tuesday was Grandma's birthday, so we went to Market of Choice and got her a breakfast birthday treat (some yummy gluten-free muffins) and then I took the kids to Wacky Indoor Bounce. The bounce house is perfect for getting all your wiggles out on a rainy day, especially for Alex who has more energy than I know what to do with. Tuesday evening we met the family out at American Dream for pizza, followed by gelato at Francesco's.

Wednesday's class: Science
Wednesday we headed down to Eugene to the Science Factory, which was great. There is tons of stuff to touch and turn and throw and push and pull, and an educational experience at that.

Thursday's class: Art
Thursday we did some art projects. First, the kids painted big birthday banners for their dad's birthday:
Then I took the kids to the craft store, let them pick out a few colors of embroidery thread and taught them how to make friendship bracelets (I remember saving my quarters for embroidery floss and spending lots of hours making these as a kid). It's a little advanced for Alex - I ended up making his, but Mia caught on right away. She calls it "looming."

Friday's class: free play
We went to get donuts at Nutcakes in Philomath in the morning, then Alex had a playdate with a friend and Mia had an art lesson with her Grandma.
Even though we didn't go on a big trip, we still managed to have a really good time hanging out in rainy Oregon.



Free football clinic for kids at OSU

Saturday, March 12, 10am to 12 noon
At the Truax Indoor Facility at Oregon State University

All 3rd - 8th grade boys and girls come and join the OSU Football players and coaches for a fun afternoon of football skills and drills
All participants should report to the Truax Indoor Facility to register Bring warm indoor / outdoor clothes, and football or gym type shoes.
This Activity is free. But the Boys & Girls Club requests a $5 donation to help support athletic scholarships.