Get Moving Toddler Challenge




get moving
Toddler challenge
by Denise McCoy
Even if you didn't win the MOM Makeover contest, you can
still enjoy some self-care and pampering time. But what do
you do with your toddler who is busy tugging on your pants
while you attempt to put on mascara; or worse, getting into
your beauty supplies and putting on more makeup than you
ever thought of-even during your teen years?
Here is a fun activity to keep them busy. Hide several favorite
toys around the house and challenge your toddler to find
them. Don't make it too difficult as they need to experience
success. At first hide two or three toys in fairly easy to find
places that are in close proximity to one another. After a few
successful findings, make it a little more difficult by spreading
the toys out and hiding them under a towel, blanket or pillow.
Don't forget to tell them to look under, on top of, etc. Have
them do various physical skills while looking for the toys. "Can
you gallop around the house to look for your doll?" "How
about crawling to find your red Duplo brick?"
This activity is great for physical movement and cognitive
growth as well as learning colors and perceptual concepts.
The more descriptive you are with the game,
the more they learn. Plus, it keeps them busy so
you can get your makeup on and hair done
without losing your pants, or your mind.
Denise McCoy, owner
of The Little Gym in Corvallis
"The curriculum emphasizes age-appropriate motor skills, social
competence, early self-regulation and literacy and math skills
embedded in the movement and music activities."
~ Megan McClelland of Corvallis
958 NW Circle Blvd, Suite A
in Corvallis • 541-753-0950


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